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For Electric
Power Industry.

We provide immersive 3D and VR based solutions for technical and occupational safety training for Electrical Utilities Workers.

The process of training in virtual reality on occupational Safety and Health using oculus rift VR headset
Play Video about The process of training in virtual reality on occupational Safety and Health using oculus rift VR headset

Who Can Benefit From Using Virtual Reality For
On-The-Job Training?

Power Industry​

For the energy sector, VR training improves the efficiency of skills transfer, increases knowledge retention, and better captures enterprise knowledge within an organization.


VR training allows workers to interact with a “digital twin” of the plant or particular equipment, operate machinery, and perform emergency procedures.

Education Centers​

VR solutions actively engage learners resulting in faster learning, better retention, and improved decision making.

Distance Learning

Distance learning has become an established part of the educational world, with trends pointing to ongoing growth

Selected VR Training.

The participants are able to perform field-job and familiarize themselves with a transformer oil sampling procedure.

This training is dedicated to such important topics as maintaining safety at the workplace.

The participants are able to configure a Feeder protection relay based on the ABB REF615 device.

The training aim is to provide an understanding of high voltage electrical equipment.

Why Should You Use Virtual Reality For On-The-Job Training?

Job Training can be less expensive and more effective with virtual reality. It provides a safe environment for simulating dangerous conditions and scenarios and helps to develop new skills.



Prepare your work­force better for their day-to-day-work.



Significantly reduce errors in service operations.



Guide your technicians through inspec­tion and maintenance procedures.


Knowledge Transfer

Improve the effectiveness of education and skill acquiring.

We do more than software —
we deliver knowledge

At Digital Engineering & Magic we commit to the pursuit of excellence. Guided by our main idea to provide a new way of educating and training young specialists, we apply high standards to the products and experiences we create, to the work itself, and to all our business interactions. As a highly professional team we want to share our expertise and enthusiasm willingly with the world.

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